Raising bilingual children – How to talk to kids when they don’t get dressed.

(Last Updated On: December 9, 2021)

One of the very common problems we often encounter with our kids, which is when they refuse to get dressed. How we should talk to them so they can listen to us.

If you have children under 4 years old, you’ve probably bumped into this scenario: “Your family is about to go out for lunch or shopping. The weather is cold but your child refuses to wear the jacket”. So what should you do?

From 2 to 4 years old, kids start to show their egos and sometimes they rebel just to test our reactions. If we parents don’t have the patience or lack of communication skills with kids, we can be provoked easily. We’ll get angry with them quickly or even spank them.

I have seen some common ways parents talk to their kids in this scenario. Like… this

Dad: Honey, you don’t wanna wear your jacket? Okey, I will throw it in the trash bin so you don’t have to wear it anymore.

Or you may say to your kids like this:

Dad: Honey, If you don’t wanna wear your jacket, I will it to Tom so you don’t have to wear it anymore. (Tom is a neighbor boy your kid hates). Are you okey with that?

They are just 2 examples but those are somethings I am often heard from other parents.

So the problem with that kind of talk is that you are trying to threaten your kids’ possession. With kids under 4 years old, they are very upset with keeping all the things that belong to them. If they see that they may lose their belongings, they will react strongly, normally by crying.

When you use these kinds of talk, your kids may obey you but the effect on your kids’ emotion is negative. Gradually, they would become more selfish and aggressive.

So what is the right way to talk to kids in this situation?

Here is one of the solutions:

Dad: Honey, the jacket is so lonely in the corner. He is sad because you don’t bring him with you. Would you let him ride on your back and we go out together?. Yes, good girl! The jacket is happy now!

So kids love being playful . The way I use here is to talk to the object as a human who also has feelings. It will draw your kids’ attention and they are more willing to cooperate

So what do you think about that way of taking? Let’s try with your kids and come back to tell me the results. I would love to hear from you.

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